CAD 2 095,99 $

Developed out of a lifelong curiosity of what it feels like to fly, the Hover Glide FWake has re-invigorated the boating experience. Fly behind virtually ANY towboat, and have the ride of your life regardless of conditions, wake size, etc. It’s like flying an airplane with your feet. Riding the Foil takes you back to the good old days of learning a new discipline behind the boat and the grin from ear to ear that follows is inevitable. We recommend you start slow, with the short mast and a long rope to ease into the flying experience. This year we added FCSII fin boxes to the base so riders can remove the foil and wakesurf the deck as well (FCS II fins sold separately). Package Includes: WF1 Foil Wakesurf Board Hoverglide FWAKE Foil H5 Front Wing + Rear Wing, Hardware + Shim 15" and 24" Masts Pedestal and Standard Fuselage Highlights: HYDROFOIL PACKAGE DESIGNED FOR BEHIND-THE-BOAT RIDING SANDED SPEED FINISH USE WITH ANY BOAT (OR JETSKI) RIDE IN ANY CONDITIONS, FLOAT SMOOTHLY ABOVE ROUGH WATER FLAT-LOC™ FUSE-TO-WING CONNECTION BRINGS A COMPLETELY NEW SENSATION TO WAKEBOARDING DURABLE & AFFORDABLE FOILING FLIGHT SCHOOL COMPATIBLE (SLINGSHOT EXCLUSIVE THREE-MAST LEARNING SYSTEM) FULLY SUPPORTED BY WWW.FOIL-ACADEMY.COM MODULAR (LIMITLESS BUILD/SPORT OPTIONS) BREAKS DOWN QUICKLY FOR EASY STORAGE