CAD 109,99 $

Interchangeable -Anti-Roll Leverage is a defining part of slalom skiing. We generally equate this to the edging power of our ski but we should not forget our attachment point to the boat. We’ve found a handle with rigid end caps to be advantageous in continuing leverage and outbound direction after wake crossings. A handle is also sturdier through the wakes when it’s not rolling around in your hand. In development, we were also able to generate more gripping room using the same bar length by moving the  attachment points to the ends of the bar. The removable end-caps add versatility by giving you grip options, using the same rope and end  caps. For example, you may train with a fatter handle and transition for tournament to a skinny for grip strength. New ergonomic bar shapes are also available for something different than standard round

-ExtEnd Alternative grip 12”x 1.10”

-ExtEnd Alternative grip 12”x 1.062”

-ExtEnd Alternative grip ARC 12”x 1.062”

-ExtEnd Alternative grip Elliptical 12” length

-ExtEnd Alternative grip Triangle 12” length