CAD 949,99 $

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• CARBON MATRIX OVERLAY ADDS STRENGTH AND STYLE • THE BEST CARVING SHAPE • FAST ROCKER LINE MAKES IT EASY TO STAY WITH THE WAVE • CUSTOMIZABLE FEEL WITH MULTIPLE FIN ARRANGEMENTS • INCREASED NOSE ROCKER • CLICK IN/OUT KEYLESS / TOOL-LESS FCSII FIN SYSTEM Details: The Cobra Cat XR is an upgraded version of the Cobra Cat that features a high-tech carbon matrix overlay and stringer that yields added stiffness and strength and gives the board an unbelievable visual appeal. This is gorgeous board puts others to shame, plain and simple. The Cobra Cat XR is our traditional surf style outline for those “Slater” types. Those die-hards who “only surf in the ocean but the wind was out of the north today and things got blown out so I guess I’ll give it a try.” It’s OK to front because they’re cool and come from the coast, but after a rip on this stick, they’ll be blowing up your phone wondering when you’re taking the boat out next. This board rips like a true ocean surfer, but with rocker lines more suited for the boat. FCS II fins make it a breeze to customize your configuration and keep the vinyl clean when it comes time to bring it in for the day.